Frequently Asked Questions

Under the "Embed Codes" selector after image(s) upload, select direct links and it will appear in the text box immediately.

We have no limits on how much you can upload. However, if we detect abuse we'll let you know.

Yes. 25MB is the maximum file size for guests, 200MB for registered users. We monitor the need and if needed this can be changed without notice.

Yes. Hotlinking is hot. We love seeing our links out there. All PR is good PR (it's not cheap, but it's good)


Yes! With our photoloaderyou can Download Album by entering the album URL in the tool. Photoloader has a 120 images per hour limit. If you have a larger album it will download the remaining images if you try again after the limit has reset. We have set this limit because of the resource vs. cost ratio is not adding up if hundreds of users are downloading unlimited images at the same time. We might lift these limits if we get enough donations to cover the extra bandwidth (it's a huuge difference)

We are serving our content from 24 different datacenters around the globe. With our CDN setup we can ensure you, that images is delivered as fast as possible to your viewers from all over the world.

Only registered users are allowed to make private uploads. You can create a private album and upload images directly to it. Another option is to make your profile completely private in your profile settings. Check "Make my profile and identity totally private" and save changes (this will only make your profile private, however, images must still be uploaded to private albums or as a private link if you don't want it to end up in the public gallery "explorer").

Yes. But only if it's marked as "not family safe". Our moderators are monitoring this closely and if abused we're banning based on IP and deleting the relevant images.

Except for the amazing website, we have a Chrome Extension and a Windows Application!

Why should everything be about money? We pride ourselves in the product we are offering! Giving is better than recieving.

Under the "About" menu you can either choose to Contact us via email or you can visit our community and register for an support account. We are also visible on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

We are privately funded and are working on photoland for free. We are doing this because we love it. If you would like to support and donate to photoland - check the Donation page.Every donation is being used to improve our servers, tools and development.

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